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Dear Partners,

Metier Salon Spa Cosmetics & SSA Men’s from GC USA company is open to long-term mutually beneficial partnerships for distributors and dealers from all over the world.

In our team we follow principles: entrepreneurial spirit & creativity, business ethics & atmosphere by openness and honesty, top-quality products & high level of service.

Opportunities in cooperation with General Cosmetics in the United States & Worldwide:

• Reliable American brand with a wide range of cosmetics.
• You have the opportunity to choose one or several market segments and product groups of Métier cosmetics, which are ready to develop in your market:

Métier Hair Cosmetics.

Métier Shampoo, Métier Hair Mask, Métier Hair Conditioner, Métier Hair Serums, Métier Argan Oil Hair Care producrs, Métier Keratin Hair Treatment, Métier Hair Oils, Métier Hair Detanglers, Métier Hair Dye, Métier  Hair Styling.

• Métier First Line Hair care (professional segment).
• Métier First Line Hair care (retail).
• Métier Iguana Line professional hair dye (professional segment).
• Métier Iguana Professional Hair Care Line (professional segment).

Métier Body Cosmetics.

Métier Carrier Massage Oils, Métier Essential Oils, Métier Bee Wax, Métier Bath Salts, Métier Body Scrubs & Exfoliant, Métier Body Wash, Métier Body Lotions & Crems, Métier Body Masks, Métier Aphrodiziak Oils.

• Métier First Line Body care (professional segment).
• Métier First Line Body care (retail).

Métier Face Cosmetics.

Métier Hydrosol Waters, Métier Cleancers, Métier Facial Toners, Métier Face Cream,

Métier Face Gel, Métier Face Moisturizers, Métier Faciel Serums, Métier Eye Creams, Métier Eye Gels, Métier Eye Serums, Métier Face Mask, Métier Lips Scrubs, Métier Lips Balm, Métier Face Peel-Off Mask.

• Métier First Line Facial care (professional segment).
• Métier First Line Facial care (retail).

Métier Tea & Coffee.

• Métier Herbal Tea (Métier Skinny Tea, Métier Cleanse Tea, Métier Health Tea, Métier Beauty Tea, Métier Energy Tea, Métier Relax Tea).

• Métier Coffee (Métier Skinny & Detox Coffee, Métier Slim Cappuccino, Métier Detox Chocolate, Métier Cocoa Protein).

Schooner Saint Argentina. Men’s and Barber Line.

• Schooner Saint Argentina Beard & Mustache Oil, Schooner Saint Argentina Beard & Mustache Shampoo & Balsam, Schooner Saint Argentina Dye & Oxigent.

• Schooner Saint Argentina Serum for Men skin, Schooner Saint Argentina Moisturizer for Men, Schooner Saint Argentina Lip Balm, Schooner Saint Argentina Men Facial scrub, Schooner Saint Argentina Eye Crem & Cream, Schooner Saint Argentina Bio – Active Cream, Schooner Saint Argentina Cleancer for Men, Schooner Saint Argentina Toners for Men, Schooner Saint Argentina Body washe, Schooner Saint Argentina Hand & Body Lotions, Schooner Saint Argentina Hair Shampoo, Schooner Saint Argentina Hair Conditioner.


• We are of the opinion that all marketing programs should be developed in conjunction with a Distributor or Dealer. Since each market has its own peculiarity.
• After the geography, market segment and assortment have been determined.
• We provide:
• an individual catalog with an assortment that is presented in the country in electronic form, ready for printing,

• product images,
• we do:
• distributor trainer product training
• product training for the distributor’s sales team
• Together with the Distributor (Dealer), we draw up a marketing plan for the quarter, agree on the promotion budget.

Our requirements for partners:

• Experience in the beauty industry over 2 years.
• Entrepreneurial experience.
• Availability of a warehouse with a temperature regime from 32 ° F (0 ° C) to 68 ° F (20 ° C)
• Work in a team with General Cosmetics.

• Approve of the geographical area for distribution (country, state, region, city).
• Approve assortment of goods.
• Enthusiasm and commitment to the sustainable development of brands in the territory.
• Implementation of approved plans.

Bulk order delivery algorithm.

• We deliver orders to wholesalers all over the world using intermodal and multimodal logistic.
• In the mainland of the United States & Canada, trucks from Clifton, NJ or Bayonne, NJ carry out delivery of the wholesale orders. Delivery of small wholesale orders is carried out USPS or FedEx.
• From the USA to Europe or Asia, your order will be shipped by ocean freight (20ft, 40ft containers). If there is no port in your country, then we will deliver your order with trucks.
• For urgent orders, we can use air transport. However, we try to avoid this, as the cost increases for the client.
• We calculate the logistics of each order individually.

Logistic and distribution centers are located in:
• North America (Clifton, USA),
• Western Europe (Barcelona, Spain),
• Eastern Europe and North Asia (Vladimir, Russian Federation),
• Eastern Europe (Chеrnomorsk, Ukraine),
• Southwest Asia (Israel),
• West Africa (Douala, Cameroon).

Customs clearance.

• We accompany the customs clearance of goods in the client’s country.

• Our logistics center will carry out all brokerage operations for customs clearance of goods and you will receive products ready for sale to your customers.