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The first impression of Aquarius is often deceptive. At first it seems that this defenseless angel simply cannot exist in an evil and cruel world, she only came here for a moment and then she will come back again to her paradise. And only then, with a closer acquaintance, a man suddenly finds out that she is fond of capoeira for many years and plans to command a parade in general. This exotic, mysterious and intriguing aroma creates a special mood to stand out from the crowd and to be popular. Lotus flower is sacred to many religions and peoples. It symbolizes love, purity and enlightenment. This beautiful exotic flower was used in many religious rituals by ancient Egyptians, Buddhists of Tibet and Mongolia. In India it is considered a sacred plant. This extraordinary flower is able to open the veil of secrecy before a person, it helps to understand yourself and learn about your true desires. Lotus helps to find a way out of the difficult situation and aggravates intuition. Its light, refined aroma fills the body with freshness, thoughts and feelings, it overcomes depression, apathy and fatigue. Lotus promotes tranquility and harmony, and it also contributes to the spiritual development of man.

Main ingredients: lotus.

Other ingredients: cinnamon, orange, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, violet, red grapefruit, lemon balm, rosemary, bergamot, eucalyptus.

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz