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Nina Peliehe-Métier, a Polish woman of French origin, born in 1926, was a physician and a herbal practitioner. In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, she used herbal blends, infusions and oils to treat her patients. Herbal treatment was a family tradition which little Nina took over from her mother Adele Metier. After she had become a doctor, Nina and other health professionals helped the local population of Badakhshan – a province in Afghanistan – to fight against the cholera outbreak.

Having spent the major part of her life in the mountains of Pamir and Tian Shan, this delicate woman accumulated a large body of knowledge from the locals which they shared with her in return for her help.

She passed the knowledge she had acquired to her son. These days, Nina Peliehe-Métier’s descendants, her grandchildren, incorporated old family recipes, state-of-the-art developments of chemists, and contemporary methods of environmentally-friendly treatment of plants in products of Metier’s brand.

Metier stands for luxury of nature-given beauty with more than one hundred-year history.

We incorporated beauty-oriented rituals of various world cultures in products of Metier brand. East and Japan, Southern Africa and Canada, France and Brazil – every nook of our planet has herbs vital force of which will help ordinary people be beautiful, health and happy. We gratefully accept the nature’s gifts and happily share perfect and magnificent Metier products with our customers worldwide.

To develop the culture of consumption of organic and maximum natural body & hair care and scalp treatment products.

 To work with ingredients, which production is not animal tested during production of products.
 To work with manufactures, during which production they apply ecological principles of products production (reuse of water, smaller amount of packing, ecological ingredients, which do not harm health of both hairdresser and client and others)
 We do not make statements, which glamorize our product and its properties for sale purpose.

 We bear responsibility for quality, storage and delivery of products to our clients and we are not indifferent to result of application of products, which are sold by Metier & SSA Men Brands.
 Products quality is stable.
 Metier’s Products, are credit of team of chemists and scientists and family tradition.
 Our target is to convey to beauty salons and common people that using maximum natural body & hair treatment products, each man can have healthy and beautiful body & hair.