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Metier Hydrosol Floral & Plant Waters.

Our hydrosols or flower waters are produced by steam-distilling plant material. They have similar properties to their essential oil ocunterparts,
but are much less concentrated. Hydrosol Water is NOT an essentialwater. An essential water is a floral water where some essential
oils are simply added to distilled water. Most (99.99%) of flor al waters such as rose waters in the storefronts in your neighborhood are essential
waters and NOT hydrosol water, regardless of whether or not the product name says “hydrosol”. You have to look at the back of the
label. The real hydrosol label should say “Hydrosol produced by steam distillation”. Our beautiful hydrosols come from devoted artisan distillers
who steam small batches to make hydrosol only. Distilled in copper stills, we offer the highest quality available. Hydrosol aromas are mild
and subtle in comparison to their essential oil counterparts. Sometimes bright and fragrant, many hydrosols have an herby or grassy not e to
them. This is because hydrosols are extracting all of the water soluble constituents in the botanical material. Hydrosol provides mild tonic and
skin cleansing properties and are safe for all skin types. Refrigeration is recommended if you are not going to use your hydrosol quickly.

Lemon Hydrosol Water

Witch Hazel Hydrosol Water

Calendula Hydrosol Water

Chamomile Hydrosol Water

Tea Tree Hydrosol Water

Cucumber Hydrosol Water

Peppermint Hydrosol Water

Rosemary Hydrosol Water

Lavender Hydrosol Water

Rose Hydrosol Water