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Metier Aphrodisiac Oil Blends

Aphrodisiac Essential Blends. Take power of nature for your sensitive beauty Aromatherapy is an ancient science and art, its history originates from prehistoric times.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy take us back to the lost sense of harmony with nature, help people to overcome the bad mood, stress, skin diseases and even cellulite. It is very important to choose the right essential oils, which are the extracts of plant and they have absorbed the energy of four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

The essential oils give us all this positive energy. The aromatherapy products and compositions can be used by means of inhalations, aroma medallions or aroma censers. You can apply oil to the skin, add to the bath or brush your hair with a few drops of oil on the tip of the hairbrush. We should not forget that the essential oils have a very powerful effect. Handle them carefully. Never apply essential oil to the body in its pure form – only if it is diluted with the base oil.

We have developed 12 ready-made recipes of essential oils mixtures for each sign of Zodiac. Do not forget that Solar Sign is not your only element. It is also important for women to emphasize the beauty of their inner goddesses of Venus and the Moon, and for Men, of course, it is important to emphasize their brave Mars.