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Healthy METIER Tea

 As you know nature and health go together hand in hand. There are about 500 recorded species of tea around the world. So what did we do? We took all the 500 types of tea, we analyzed them, we created hundreds of formulas and tested each one until we developed a list of the perfect all natural formulas with powerful benefits. We don’t just source our teas from local suppliers, we ensure that each ingredient is sourced from global leading suppliers, whom we have built strong relationships with to ensure only the highest quality blends are formulated.


WELCOME TO THE NATURAL WORLD OF THE METIER СОFFEE!Enjoy this energizing skinny coffee drink. Metier Healthy Coffee after Beauty Ritual in your Beauty Salon. Used as part of detox programmed, this
blend helps you wash away the toxins in your body to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Packed with real coffee and developed to give real results, this blend is suitable for any time of the day.


Metier Chocolate for Good mood of your clients.