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They are looking for something all the time, but, unfortunately, they are rarely can find it. It is difficult for them to be in balance – they have no time to deal with one thing, they look for something else, more interesting and they throw the first thing. An elegant, refined, fascinating and soothing aroma is created to cognize and enjoy the world, as well as to find spiritual balance in one’s own life. The essential oil of patchouli alleviates suffering, energizes, gives strength, makes you more confident. The essential oil of patchouli became a symbol of the most prestigious and luxurious perfumes in the sixties; at the same time, it is one of the strongest aphrodisiac that excites and liberates those who use it. This oil has been used for long in the medicine of the East as an antiseptic and antiviral agent.

Main ingredients: patchouli.

Other ingredients: geranium, lavender, orchid, gardenia, amber, grapefruit, orange, cedar, marjoram, incense, rose.

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz