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Capricorn’s inimitability is only an appearance – she listens attentively and looks, but she will show interest only when her real hero is nearby. Capricorns love a tender relationship and a classic way of getting acquainted with the ceremonies and curtsies. This delicate, fresh, bitterish flavor turns pragmatic Capricorns into dreamers, who no longer stand in the way of achieving the desired goals. Lavender has been widely used in perfumery and medicine since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome. Rich patricians added it to the bath, and also used as a prophylactic remedy from epidemics and as antiseptic. Many famous perfumes include lavender in the compositions. Its fresh, refined aroma is an excellent remedy for depression, bad mood and melancholy, it also reduces aggression and irritability. Lavender has the recognized calming properties that have proven themselves in overwork, insomnia, hysteria and increased anxiety.

Main ingredients: lavender.

Other ingredients: heather, lime, basil, honeysuckle, green tea, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemongrass

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz