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The aroma of Night Queen can add charms to you and let you dazzle the world. Cheerfulness, charisma and a brilliant sense of humor make Gemini a magnet for other people. Gemini has the following features: sociability, ease, curiosity, flexibility, ingenuity, youth, and spontaneity. Despite the fact that these pinkish flowers in the form of bells are not reminiscent the beautiful roses at all, they play no less important role in the world of perfume. Their refined, rich, sweetish aroma of tuberose which slightly smells like lily or hyacinth is called the «night queen». This outlandish flower comes from Mexico, and it was only at the beginning of 16th century when it decorated the gardens and flower beds of France, Spain, Italy, Morocco and India.

Main ingredients: tuberose.

Other ingredients: basil, lavender, ylang ylang, sweet orange, cedar, bergamot, mint, and grapefruit.

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz