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Woman Sagittarius is compared with a transparent and gently murmuring streamlet. Sagittarius is a woman-holiday, she is always cheerful and optimistic, loves to laugh and joke. Congenital taste and sense of style allow her to be always different, and men greatly appreciate this novelty. This aroma gives birth to dreams of distant lands and adventures; it also gives forces and opportunities for their realization. With it you can easily open up the new horizons, it allows changes to enter your life. Ambergris is a recognized aphrodisiac which makes our feelings stronger and brighter, in addition, it is used in elite perfumery not only as a fragrant substance, but also as a fixative element. Ambergris is used for a long time in medicine. According to Avicenna, this substance is able to heal the heart, brain and put feelings in order. The resinous, warm, sweetish aroma of royal amber has a positive effect for the woman’s body, it relieves of neuroses, mood swings and depressions.

Main ingredients: Amber.

Other ingredients: black pepper, thuja, cypress, ginger, juniper, grapefruit, pine, Japanese mint.

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz