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Taurus woman is considered as an ideal of sexuality, and she can excite even against her desires: by her look, by the turn of her body or move of the hand. A man near such woman cannot be jealous; otherwise his unbroken jealousy can make mad either her or himself. The exciting, sensual aroma of tropical countries fills your life with serenity and ease. This one aroma can help you to establish a peace of mind and harmony. The gardenia essential oil is a magical smell; it is just created for Taurus, who appreciates beauty, comfort and luxury. Use it when you want to treat yourself a little. The beautiful gardenia which has a wonderful aroma grows in South Africa, India and China. There are about 250 species of these evergreens plants from the Marenovs family in total. The Chinese give to the fruits of gardenia different names depending on their size.

Main ingredients: gardenia, vetiver.

Other ingredients: rose, white iris, orchid, jasmine, lavender, geranium.

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz