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Dead Sea Facial & Body Mask

Mud Mask gently exfoliates and removes impurities while enriching the skin with essential minerals. The Mud from the Dead Sea is one of the most powerful purifying agents in nature, providing an effective cleansing mask for glowing, healthy looking skin.A cleansing, soothing combination of Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera, this rich Black Mud Mineral Facial & Body Mask is a nourishing and hydrating all-over skin treatment. The nutritious power of minerals from the Dead Sea is enhanced with the calming and clarifying properties of natural Aloe Vera extract. The result is an intense yet gentle skin treatment that leaves the skin feeling supple and revived.

Enjoy Spa quality Metier Dead Sea Facial & Body face masks!

How to use: Apply a thin layer of mud to cleansed skin while gently massaging onto the skin with your fingers (be sure to keep the mud away from eyes and mouth). As you apply the mud, never use your fingers in a downward motion, apply with upward strokes. Leave the mud on the skin for 7-12 minutes allowing the mud to slightly dry.

To remove mask: For face- Use a wet and warm sponzh  on your face for a few seconds to soften the mask, then rinse the remaining mud off with warm water. Try not to scrub as you remove your mask,

For body – try hopping into a warm shower to rinse the mask.

After you relaxation with Metier Dead Sea Facial & Body Mask you can call to your friends and tell them about how much fun you’ve just had – or better, tell the world and upload a photo to Instagram, tagging @metierbeauty

Available in: 240 ml / 8 Oz