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Lavender Sugar Scrub

Lavender Sugar Scrub are soothing, relaxing and very good dry skin. Our Lavender Sugar Scrub are made from only the finest high quality sugar cane crystals and specially selected essential oils. The Lavender Bath Salts are light lilac in color.

How to use: Take Metier Sugar Body Scrub rough  with circular motions, massaging the scrub into you skin, concentrating on problem areas. Leave to dry for 3-5 minutes so that all of the ingredients can do their thing. You can use body scrubs in the bath or shower. To avoid damaging your skin, make sure your body is thoroughly wet and softened with warm water – overly hot water can dry your skin. Apply scrub with hands. Cover your body with an adequate amount of body scrub, and using circular motions, massage it into your skin. Rinse off and follow up with a Metier moisturizing body lotion afterwards.

After you can dance around the house, call your friends and tell them about how much fun you’ve just had- or better, tell the world and upload a photo to Instagram, tagging @metierbeauty

Repeat 3-5 times per week. Remember to patch test first.

Available in: 240 ml / 8 Oz