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Aloe & Spirulina Cooling Gel

A natural soothing gel that is perfect to use in post-laser treatments or any sensitized skin to cool. Aloe Vera calms, cools and soothes and Spirulina’s high protein and antioxidant contents repairs and nourishes skin. This gel is perfect for post-wax and post-laser treatments as well as for sunburnt skin as it contributes to reducing recovery time for your skin.

How to use: Apply to your body, section by section, starting at your ankles. Work all the up to your neck. Only put enough lotion on your hands to do each part. This will ensure you give each part of your body enough attention. Use a circular motion with light pressure, focusing the pressure on the palms of your hands. Now your feet. Massage the top of your foot and work downward to your toes. Repeat the circular motion on your heel. Pay special attention to the soft spots of your feet with that same light pressure and circular motion. Do your toes one by one. After the lotion has dried, put on a pair of socks to keep your feet moist with lotion. Now rub the remaining lotion completely into your hands. Get your palms and all of your fingers, one at a time. Don’t forget your cuticles and wrists.

After moisturizing your skin with Metier Aloe & Spirulina Cooling Gel you can call to your friends and tell them about how much fun you’ve just had – or better, tell the world and upload a photo to Instagram, tagging @metierbeauty

Available in: 240 ml / 8 Oz