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Castor Oil, 100% pure

Can be used as an emulsifying agent. Detoxifies and cleanses the skin. Protects the skin against harsh environmental conditions. Reduces age spots, warts, and moles. Effective emollient for severely rough, dry and cracked skin. Helps with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Good for acne prone skin helps to break up clogged glands and pores. It also helps to sanitize the skin because it contains quindecylic acid, which kills the virus and bacteria that causes acne. Very little scent. Dilute to a maximum of 10% of the recipe. Thick oil, leaves a sticky residue on the skin. If refrigerated after opening. Castor oil is an incredible oil but is not typically used as a carrier oil for essential oils. It does leave a sticky residue and will stain clothing. Because of the sticky feeling you should use this oil of maximum of 10% of the recipe.

For: Beauty Skin & Hair

Available in: 120 ml / 4 Oz