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Palmarosa belongs to a family of tropical grasses rich in aromatic, volatile oils, formerly known mostly under the generic name of Andropogon, but now included in the genus Cymbopogon. Close relations are lemongrass and citronella. Palmrosa grass occurs in two varieties, Motia or Palmarosa, and Sofia or Rusa. Palmarosa is a wonderful remedy for skin conditions like acne because of its natural antiseptic constituents. This can also work wonders for old acne scars, for wrinkles (especially those occurring after long exposure to sun) and broken veins. Apply palmarosa oil neat to boils, using a cottonwool bud. Do this morning and night. Originally from Central and North India, and now cultivated in Africa and Madagascar as well, the grass is slender, bearing panicles of a blue-white colour which mature to a dark red.

For: Aromatherapy & Massage mix, Beauty Skin

Available in: 30 ml / 1 Oz