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Orange & Aloe Cleanser

This gentle sulfate-free cleanser can be used daily to help refine skin texture and fade discoloration and sun spots. Efficiently removes impurities leaving skin smooth. Antioxidants help fight free radical damage. Hydrates and stimulates the skin.

How to use: Splash your face with warm water and make sure your hands are clean. Apply the cleanser to your face using a circular motion. Make sure you cover all the areas – forehead, chin, nose, cheeks and neck. Massage your face for about a minute. Allow the cleaner to penetrate the skin for a few minutes.

After cleansing your skin with Metier Orange & Aloe Cleanser you can call to your friends and tell them about how much fun you’ve just had – or better, tell the world and upload a photo to Instagram, tagging @metierbeauty

Available in: 120 ml / 4 Oz