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Rosemary Hydrosol Water

Rosemary Hydrosol Water allows you to spray your skin & hair directly – no additional washing required! Simply towel your hair, and before drying, give your hair a quick spray then rub into your scalp, towel again if needed – and dry and style as usual. Another known benefit of rosemary is its ability to calm the lungs, especially at night. Spraying this product on your chest may help with breathing issues due to asthma or congestion. We preserve our hydrosol waters with potassium sorbate. No other preservatives or fillers are added.

How to use: The product is made for spraying directly after Beauty Rituals 10-15 cm from face & body of the client. You can recommend to your client to take Metier Flower Water To Go and use for more skin hydration.

After you skin hydration with Metier Rosemary Hazel Hydrosol Water you can call to your friends and tell them about how much fun you’ve just had – or better, tell the world and upload a photo to Instagram, tagging @metierbeauty

Available in: 120 ml / 4 Oz